Irby Motor Company

Irby Motor Company

At Irby Motors, we like to think we're different.
Above all, it's our attitude.

In a nutshell, we care more about our customers than other car dealers. We're friendlier and more approachable. We see ourselves as part of the community, taking our place alongside the doctor, the high street shops, the pharmacist, the local pub, the church.

Our philosophy is reflected in the service we offer you. Our service is more than friendly, we go the extra mile to help you.

In fact, we'll go more than a mile. If you live within 3 miles we'll even come and collect your car for your MOT and service - for free!

What Makes Us Different?

As you'd expect from a family firm and pillar of the community, Irby Motors stands or falls by the quality of our teamwork. And that means being choosy about the people we employ. Above all we look for the right attitude. A commitment to looking after our customers, and trying that bit harder to please them.

Nowhere can you see the Irby Motors ethos more than in the way we work together. We take the view that we're all in this together. So we all pull together. All for one and one for all - the three musketeers have nothing on us!

It means we don't go in for fancy divisive titles like Director or Manager. We share each other's roles, overlap our duties and generally don't stand on ceremony. We're not big on Mr. This or Mrs. That either. It's strictly first names only.