Meet the team

Meet the team

Meet the people behind Irby Motor Company


A fully qualified mechanic and specialist MOT tester, BILL founded Irby Motors way back in 1988. In recent years he's specialised in buying and selling cars for the company. A full-time job in itself, naturally enough this demands most of Bill's attention. It pays off, though, as there are few better judges of a vehicle in the region. If you want to buy a car, if you want to sell your car, or if you just want some advice, feel free to call Bill at any time.

When he's not looking for cars or selling cars, Bill is trying to shave a few shots off his 17 handicap at Caldy Golf Club. And when he's not doing that he's watching the sometimes stuttering progress of his beloved LFC. And when he's not doing that he's talking. Loves a good chin wag, our Bill!


Let's start with IAN. If Ian had a life before Irby Motors, it was too long ago to remember! An Irby man through and through, he's been with us since the days of flares, Noddy Holder sideboards and the 25p pint. A 1970's man or not, what Ian does not know about cars is not worth knowing. MOT's, quotes for repairs, you name it, Ian can do it. With professionalism and efficiency. A fully qualified tester and mechanic, Ian is one of the most capable automotive technicians you'll find.

In his spare time, Ian indulges his passion for motorbikes, travel, cooking and photography (get the picture?!). In fact, he considers himself to be a valid contender for TV's Come Dine with Me. At least you could tell him about your car woes over your souffle!


STUART is yet another near-'lifer' at Irby Motors. Must be something we put in the tea! Whatever the case, we like to think it says something that so many of our team want to stay with us so long. Stuart came to buy a car in 1995 - and he's been with us ever since! Not only did he get a vehicle, he walked away with a job as well!

We gave Stuart a job because of his attitude. It impressed us then, and we're sure it will impress you now. Stuart is forever looking for ways to expand his skills, and broaden his repertoire in the garage. He's always looking to help people, too, whether customer or colleague. His main role is buying and selling cars, but he also gets stuck into reading fault codes, fitting tyres, repairs - you name it, Stu can do it.

Something of a court jester, Stuart keeps us all entertained while we work. His impressions could put Alastair McGowan to shame, with accents a speciality. While on his days off, Stuart's big thing is renovating his gaffe. When he's finally finished with his paintbrush he likes to cook - and, naturally enough, eat or even sink the odd pint. Don't we all!


ROB is a recent recruit. Yet another qualified mechanic and MOT tester, he's brought a wealth of knowledge with him. He loves conversing with just about anyone who will reciprocate - a trait which, funnily enough, has made him an instant hit with just about anybody!

Rob's interests include travel, food, drink, golf and singing along with the radio, the latter prompting us to add a singing audition to any future recruitment interviews!


HARRY rivals Ian in the way that, apart from taking a year out travelling, he's been with Irby Motors since leaving school. And that was when Ricky Martin (who?) had a hit with Livin la Vida Loco!

A qualified MOT and servicing mechanic, Harry is an indispensable member of the Irby Motors team, with massive experience of all models and types of vehicle. And if you happen to be looking to buy or sell a car, Harry's your man. If you can't find a vehicle you like on our forecourt tell him and he'll see what he can do. It's a promise.

On his days off, if he's not watching his heroes at Liverpool FC Harry loves playing football himself.


JAMES joined us in 2007 as a qualified Mechanic and MOT tester. No-one enjoys the challenge of repairing cars more, and James is always keen to keep up as motor technology moves forever forward.

Outside the workshop, James is into music, fishing, eating, motorbikes and keeping fit at the gym - not necessarily in that order! He was known to friends at school as 'Tenner', on account of the fact that well-spoken James could not pronounce tenna as in ten pounds.


More Info Coming Soon!


More Info Coming Soon!